MBBS in Ukraine 2019-20 – Are you worried about the cut-throat competition to MBBS admission in India? Then, MBBS in Ukraine can be the most amazing option for you to have a bright future in the field of medicine. There are almost 12 top medical colleges in Ukraine, MCI-approved which offer marvelous options for Indian students to pursue in Ukraine.

Today, Ukraine is home to thousands of international students to do MBBS degree and have been emerged as one of the preferred study abroad destination. Medicine is considered to be one of the toughest branches which one can choose. But it’s easy in a Ukraine Medical university because candidates can take direct admission in the colleges and there is no system of the entrance exam. So it becomes easy for normal students. The admission totally depends on the basis of 12th class marks.

Low course fee, low-cost living, advanced technology, highly-qualified faculty members, and easy MBBS admission process of Ukraine are some of the main reasons to study MBBS in Ukraine. The medical universities in Ukraine are globally recognized, specifically by WHO. That means once the students pursue the degree, they can work anywhere in the globe.

Duration of MBBS in Ukraine

The total duration of MBBS course in Ukraine is 5 years and eight months which includes an internship in it. Some Ukraine medical colleges and universities have a three-year internship. But the total course duration of MBBS course everywhere in Ukraine is for six years. The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education Ukraine approves the curriculum.

The Ukraine MBBS colleges and universities give high stress on the theoretical and practical knowledge aspect of the subject. The courses offered by the university are approved and recognized by Science of Ukraine and Ministry of the health of Ukraine.

International students who are opting to study medicine in Ukraine have to be clear about Ukraine MBBS syllabus and education system in Ukraine. That will help them during study MBBS in Ukraine. The following few things which Indian students have to take note of it:

  • Be clear about MBBS Syllabus in Ukraine: The Ukraine MBBS syllabus has huge similarity with Indian syllabus. But, as Ukraine is an Eastern European country it has its regulations and policies.
  • Make the full use of it: Know the exact content of Ukraine MBBS syllabus first and then do the extensive study so that you can make the full use of it. Ukraine syllabus stresses more on the practical aspect of the study.
  • English Teaching Medium: The teaching medium won’t be a problem because of MBBS in Ukraine in English.

Is Ukraine MBBS Valid in India?

Every year hundreds of students from India go to Ukraine to pursue medicine course. Ukraine MBBS is valid in India but the students have to pass Screening Test conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Why would you do MBBS in Ukraine?

  • The students can get valued international exposure in medical education and will able to gain more knowledge in the medical course.
  • The simple admission process and no entrance examination are needed. But the students have to qualify NEET exam for MBBS admission in Ukraine.
  • During study MBBS in Ukraine, the students get the opportunity to participate in seminars, project work, and symposia in various countries of Europe.
  • No language problem because English is the medium of teaching
  • Ukraine MBBS fees are very affordable.
  • Cost of living in Ukraine is low.
  • The Ukraine education system gives more stress on practical aspects and universities have the best international faculty, whose knowledge and exposure bring a better outlook to the students.

About Ukraine:

“Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains. Globally recognized, specifically by MCI and WHO, MBBS universities and Degrees, low tuition-fee and quality medical education have made Ukraine one of the best destinations for Indian students. “