Forex Assistance Services for Indian Students

Get Affordable exchange rates and super first Forex assistance services

RiaOverseas has tied up with leading Forex dealers, make certain that study abroad education students get the best and affordable exchange rates and quick services.

We assist in:

  • Demand Drafts
  • Traveling Cheques
  • Global Debit Cards
  • Wire Transfers
  • Currency Notes

Our qualified counselors will guide and support you in the Forex Assistance offering the best exchange rate.

The estimation of cash in Forex continues fluctuating on consistent schedule that seriously affects loss of cash in money exchange. Significant organizations managing these administrations give our students limited rates and inside short timetables.

Ria Overseas is related with top currency exchange service providers and help students in getting the best arrangement on a low cost. Boarding charge, dwelling expenses, and education costs whatever is your need or prerequisite identified with outside trade, we are here to assist you.

Forex solution details:

•           We assist in Forex

•           Door step administrations

•           Quick and serious market cost

•           Supple timings

Archives Required:

•           A Valid Passport

•           A Valid copy of Visa

•           Travel ticket

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What amount of Forex exchange is accessible to an individual traveling to another country?

Answer: People traveling abroad on emigration can draw most extreme outside trade of USD 1000,000. This is on premise of self-announcement from an embraced seller in India. The sum is just to be utilized for meeting the accidental uses in the country of emigration.

  • What amount of foreign exchange can be conveyed in real money for movement abroad?

Answer: The RBI laws indicate the foreign exchange that can be conveyed for abroad visits. The sum is $10,000 in any one monetary year that can be gotten from an endorsed seller on premise of self-statement. Outside trade coins/notes up to $3,000 are presently allowed for tourists.

  • Would I be able to trade Forex at any bank?

Answer: Most of the banks will offer the trading of foreign exchange if you have an investment funds or financial records with them. A bank will trade the money in the event that you have a credit card with it at times.

  • Would I be able to purchase Forex with a Credit Card?

Answer: You can purchase Forex with a Credit Card, in a similar way; you would do with a Debit Card. The main thing you have to do is to illuminate the Forex individuals that you are making the installment by your Credit Card. Exchange charges will, be that as it may, be relevant.

  • To what extent would you be able to keep outside money?

Answer: According to the 2000 Act of Foreign Exchange Management, determines that the unused foreign exchange must be returned inside a half year of come back from abroad. All things considered, in the event that you need, you can maintain the forex exchange of a greatest USD 2,000 in your Domestic Resident Foreign Currency Accounts.

Set out to settle your forex exchange stresses. RiaOverseas offers advantageous, complete Forex arrangements intended for your relentless way of life. Regardless of whether you are holidaying, working, studying or relocating to an alternate nation, we can mastermind forex for you to your goal nation.