MBBS In Mongolia

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If you are looking to pursue MBBS abroad, Mongolia would be the best country to choose. Mongolia is a beautiful country locate in East Asia, slot in China to the South and Russia to the North. Mongolia is around 37 kilometers away from Kazakhstan.

The population of Mongolia is 3.3 million and is one of the biggest landlocked countries. The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar which means “Red Hero”. Mongolia is also called as the “Country of Blue Sky” or “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky”.

The greater part of the nation is blistering in the mid year and incredibly cold in the colder time of year, with January midpoints dropping as low as −30 °C (−22 °F).[55] A huge front of cool, hefty, shallow air roll in from Siberia in winter and gathers in stream valleys and low bowls causing freezing temperatures while slants of mountains are a lot hotter because of the impacts of temperature reversal (temperature increments with elevation).

The geology of Mongolia is shifted, with the Gobi Desert toward the south and cool, rugged districts toward the north and west. Quite a bit of Mongolia comprises of the Mongolian-Manchurian prairie steppe, with forested regions representing 11.2% of the complete land region, a higher rate than Ireland (10%).

The authority language of Mongolia is Mongolian and is spoken by 95% of the populace. An assortment of vernaculars of Oirat and Buryat are spoken the nation over, and there are additionally a few speakers of Mongolic Khamnigan. In the west of the nation, Kazakh and Tuvan, both Turkic dialects, are additionally spoken. Mongolian Sign Language is the key language of the hard of hearing local area.

Today, Mongolian is composed utilizing the Cyrillic letters in order in Mongolia, albeit in the past it was composed utilizing the Mongolian content. Russian is the most every now and again communicated in unknown dialect in Mongolia, trailed by English, albeit English has been slowly supplanting Russian as the subsequent language. Korean has acquired prominence as a huge number of Mongolians work in South Korea.

Why MBBS in Mongolia?

Mongolia is a wonderful country packed with beauty and safety. This is the reason for which lots of international and Indian students desire to pursue MBBS in Mongolia. Here you will get ample of MBBS universities having superior infrastructure, modernized digital classrooms, contemporary labs, latest teaching system, specialized and professional medical faculties and low cost tuition fees.

Contrasted with different nations, the cost of living is additionally one of the least, consequently making study MBBS in Mongolia quite possibly the most pursued courses. Consistently, more than 1 lakh students come to Mongolia to seek medical courses at top level universities. The brilliant scholastics system, the delightful snowfall and tasty food is an additional element that draws in students to seek after MBBS from Mongolia.

English is the mode of instruction in MBBS colleges for global students.

Swift Review of MBBS in Mongolia
MBBS Eligibility12th Science (PCB)
Course Fee$4500 / Year
Duration of Course4.5 Years With 6 Months Internship
IELTS & TOEFLMandatory
Cost of Living$150 Per Month
University RecognitionApproved by WHO
Education MediumEnglish
What Makes Indian Students To Choose MBBS in Mongoli

RiaOverseas provides best medical consulting services to students who are looking to study MBBS in Mongolia. The relationship between Mongolia and India is excellent and this draws Indian students to visit this country for medical studies and better career growth prospects.

Top reasons to choose medical studies in Mongolia:

  • Sophisticated infrastructure and high standard educational system.
  • The medium of study in English.
  • Trained and skilful professors.
  • Straightforward MBBS admission process.
  • No donation system.
  • The cost of living is much affordable.
  • No Smoking or Drinking permitted on University Campus.
  • Late Night Entrance into the University Campus is strictly prohibited.
  • The Medical Universities are very wonderful and the Hostel is likewise modernized and all around cleaned in Mongolia.
  • The University campus is free from eve teasing and ragging.

The Mongolia is quite safe and secure for girls and boys and for the safety of girls medical students the University gives separate lodging to international students.

Documents Required for MBBS Study in Mongolia

The documents required for MBBS admission into the top medical universities in Mongolia are:

  • 10th and 12th Mark sheet
  • National / Citizenship ID proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Character
  • Recent Passport & Student Visa
  • NOC from Police
  • Scorecard of NEET
  • Test Score of English Proficiency
  • Mongolia Medical University’s Offer Letter
  • Student’s Guardian Bank Statement
  • Mongolian Embassy Clearance Letter
  • 10 Numbers of Passport Photographs
Mongolian National University Of Medical Science

The Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was founded in the year of 1942. The university is situated in Ulaanbaatar. The Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences is funded by ERASMUS. Every year more than 200 students from different countries complete their MBBS degree from this reputed medical university.

The vision of this Institute is to be probably the best foundation of the Asian landmasses and afterward dealing with turning into the best on the planet. The Institute is completely certify and authorized by the public authority of Mongolia, Language inclinations are English and Mongolian.

The grades given by this Institute are bachelors, doctors, and a master’s or an equivalent degree. The Institute holds 9 divisions under it, working in various fields identified with the universe of medication. This MBBS University focuses on courses like Anesthesiology, Ayurveda, Obstetrics, Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture, and so on.

The scholastic year of the Institute in September to July, follows a semester design and students need to qualify the entrance examination to get admission to this prestigious MBBS academy.

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