Uluru, The Great Barrier Reef, The Blue Mountains, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and kangaroos. Do you think Australia is only famous for these things? Nope, there are many things Australia offers.

Australia is popular for unparallel academic brilliance and this draws the wide attention of Global and Indian students. At present, lots of Indian students are looking to pursue study in Australia for its top notch education system.

Why to choose study in Australia?

Australia is known for superior living standard, post study work option, and outstanding education. Whatever course you decide to attempt, you’ll be guaranteed of top-notch scholarly greatness and emotionally supportive network for universal students.

Admission Opportunity for Students

Here’s an outline of the admissions accessible for various projects in colleges and universities:

AdmissionTime Limit
1st Semester (Admission on February)By October to November
2nd Semester (Admission on July)By April to May

Affordable Fee Structure to Study in Australia

SL. NoAcademic ProgramsAnnual Fee Structure
1.SchoolRs. 392799/- to Rs. 1510766/-
2.Studies on English LanguageRs. 15107.66/- per week or depending on the course structure
3.Diploma or Vocational TrainingRs, 201435.48/- to Rs, 1107895.13/-
4.Undergraduate Bachelor Degree ProgramRs. 755383.05/- to Rs. 1661842.70/- *
5.Postgraduate Master’s DegreeRs. 1007177.40/- to Rs. 1863278.18/- *
6.Doctoral DegreeRs. 705024.18/- to Rs. 1863278.18/- *


Best Study Abroad Courses in Australia

There are ample of study abroad courses offered by top institutions in Australia; however, here below are few reputed courses that students can pursue during their study in Australia:

  • MBBS
  • MBA
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Interior Designing

Ideal Cities for Education in Australia


Cost of Tuition Fees

Well, cost of tuition fees depends on the course you choose. Tuition fees will be costly, if you go for higher courses like engineering and MBBS, while courses like arts and education will be inexpensive. Post graduate degree programs are costly and will differ from one institution to the other. However, to lower down your academic cost, you can try out scholarships programs for Indian Students.

Scholarships Programs for Indian Students

Indian students who are seeking to know about scholarship programs in Australia, here below are the details.

Universities in Australia offer different types of scholarship programs for students. These scholarship programs are intended to assist students to fund their education foundation. However, there are different types of grants offered by Government and private organizations in Australia for students. Therefore, to avail the facilities of scholarship programs you need know the criterion, eligibility and the date of closing.


In order to avail the facility of scholarship program, a student must have good educational score. Apart from that student also need to choose the purpose, subject matter and level. To avail more benefits, students need to go with volunteering and extracurricular activities.

What measure of money is accessible through scholarship programs?

Australian scholarship programs, spread on academic cost; however, it may likewise cover traveling and living cost. Getting a grant is serious, thus; it is significant that you apply early, around eight months prior to the favored admission starts.

Most Australian colleges and schools additionally have their own rundown of grants for Indian students. Try not to stress; our study abroad consultant will gladly assist you through. Book a FREE consultation to study in Australia.

Accommodation, living and Expenditure

International and Indian students in Australia can get campus residence conveniences. There are off-campus accommodation option like share accommodation with localities. This campus rent may differ from one city to another.

Visa Charges

To study in one of the best universities in Australia, a student has to get a valid student visa. This student visa may cost around Rs. 28956.35/-. In order to apply visa, you can visit the link given below:

Documents Required for Visa:

  • Enrolment proof
  • A valid and authentic passport
  • GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant statement
  • Educational Documents
  • Work Experience Documents
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency Abilities (IELTS)
  • Proof of Financial Abilities
  • Health Insurance Policy Details
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Parental Approval for those below 18 years of age

Living Expenditure

Before packing your study trip to Australia, you need to know that the cost of living per week is around Rs. 20265.96/-. Therefore, plan your budget wisely, as it will help to focus on other crucial things.

Medical Insurance is Mandatory

Indian students who are in tour to Australia for them medical insurance becomes a mandatory. The medical insurance will cost around Rs. 25332.45/- per year.

Pay your Taxes

In order to work in Australia, you need have Tax File Number (TFN). By acquiring a Tax File Number, a student will get chance to work 20 hours in a week and full time during holidays. Study and work option is purely taxable in Australia.

At the point when you decide to concentrate in Australia for your overseas studies, you can be guaranteed of the unmatched education system, globally perceived capability, and tremendous work possibilities. Colleges in Australia are famous for their superior curriculum, and this makes it a well-known goal among Indian students.

Hence, if you are looking to pursue overseas studies in Australia, you can avail our 24×7/365 days consultation services. Our study in Australia consulting services will definitely help you in every way. Contact us to know more about study in Australia opportunities for Indian students. Today!