The United States of America has always been known for its opportunities. Every year, lots of international students come to USA for their studies. With so many popular top ranked universities and wonderful campus, studying in the USA is a combination of educational excellence and cultural familiarity.

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Why to study in the US?

For Indian students, studying in USA is a just a blessing, as the country has lots of universities that holds global students. Superior education platform, multifaceted curriculum, and plentiful prospects are the prime reasons which make study in US popular among Indian students.

Reasons to Study in US

  1. Educational Brilliance: The United States of America brags some of the best universities which have work ranking and known for high standard of academic reputation. Among hundred top universities in the world, 33 leading universities are from the USA, as per QS World Ranking 2019.
  2. Supple Edification Structure: American colleges and universities offer a heap of courses to opt. You have the opportunity to choose the course content, yet in addition the structure. You have the freedom to seek after various study pattern before they announce your major toward the finish of the subsequent year. Certainly, this assists with investigating your subject premium and afterward choose absent a lot of rush. Also, for your alumni considers, you can pick your inclination and when you progress for your paper, you can concentrate on the thoughts you need to accentuate upon.
  3. Superior International Student Support: The colleges in the USA lead different orientation programs, training and workshops. This will help students to get high scholastic education, social and educational support.
  4. Educational Assortment: The US is a mixture of various societies, races, and ethnicities. Its differing condition guarantees that there is acknowledgment among all networks and there is no space for any kind of separation. You’ll be taking in with students from various regions of the world in this way making it a rich and animating instructive experience. Developing amidst decent variety will furnish you with solid character characteristics and aptitudes that will help in future challenges.
  5. Exuberant and Energetic Campus: Universities in the US have an outstanding campus life. Regardless of the college, you concentrate in; you will end up amidst new social encounters and the American lifestyle. Grasp it and free yourself up to new thoughts and new individuals.

Top University for Indian Students

Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO), USA

Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO), USA is one of the top university offering excellent study abroad opportunities to Indian students. This college is best in:


To know more about SEMO, USA, click here.

Intakes in the USA

You will be happy to know that in the US, there are 3 intakes. The 3 intakes are:

Serial No.Intake Duration
1FallAugust to December
2SpringJanuary to September
3SummerMay to August

Choose the best intake

Always choose the appropriate intake that fits your educational requirements and career goals. Some of the prime factors you need to consider while choosing an intake are ideal program, educational details, score of entrance test, rate of acceptance, job openings and how quickly you decide to choose the program.

Ria Overseas will help with students with free counseling program all done by our qualified counselors. This free counseling session will help in picking the appropriate intakes, course, filling application and visa requirements.

Cost Estimation to Study in the USA

Studying in the USA can be a costly undertaking for students concentrating in the US. By the way, a proficient spending arrangement can assist you with dealing with your everyday costs all the more viably. Before leaving from India, guarantee that you consider costs like convenience, food, wellbeing inclusion and travel alongside your education cost while ascertaining the evaluated cost of concentrating in the US for education.

  1. Tuition Fees
    There are 2 types of universities in the USA – public and private. The tuition fees in public universities are less than private institution. Well, your educational expenses depend on your present qualification, marks obtained and the university you choose. Pursing a course in the USA will cost around Rs. 755645.00/- to Rs. 4156047.50/- INR per year. Course related to Arts and Education is cheaper than MBA, MBBS, and Engineering related courses.
  2. Cost of Accommodation
    International students can avail on-campus residence during their study tour in the US. However, there are also off-campus accommodation facilities for Indian students. The accommodation cost in US will range from Rs. 226693.50/- to Rs. 604516.00 /- INR per year. Renting an apartment in the USA will bring additional cost like water, internet and electricity bills.
  3. Student Visa Cost
    The cost to avail a valid student visa will be Rs. 12090.32/- In order to know details about visa application procedure, you can ask our expert counselors.
  4. Living Expenditure
    As an Indian student studying in the USA, you need to keep record of your expenses. An individual student’s budget will be around Rs. 755645.00/- to Rs. 1889112.50/- INR. At the same time there are also expenses related to phone bills, supplies and books, incidentals and personal expenses. Well, everything depends on the lifestyle you desire.
  5. Health Insurance and Support
    Indian students traveling to the USA must have medical insurance. The medical insurance will cost around Rs. 75564.50 /- INR per year. At the same time, there are transportation costs which you need to bear.
  6. Study and Earn
    In the United States of America, Indian students are allowed to work twenty hours per week and this is a great opportunity to study and earn. Well, the money you earn is purely taxable.

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