MBBS in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, the country and previous Soviet republic are limited by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, which range Asia and Europe. Its capital, Baku, is acclaimed for its medieval walled Inner City. Inside the Inner City lie the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, an illustrious retreat dating to the fifteenth century, and the hundreds of year’s old stone Maiden Tower, which commands the city horizon. The currency name is Azerbaijani manat. As per the 2019 population census was 99.8 lakhs.  The official language of this nation is Azerbaijani.

Why you should choose MBBS in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has increased a ton of fascination among universal students to examine MBBS in Azerbaijan. As we probably aware, there is relentless rivalry in India for MBBS seats in government just as private universities. Because of constrained seats in India for MBBS, students don’t get admission to the notable schools regardless of clearing the NEET test with a decent score.

Students who don’t get seats in Indian schools can apply for MBBS in Azerbaijan. MBBS in Azerbaijan has gotten celebrated as of late. Azerbaijan gives a MD degree which is identical to a MBBS degree in different nations of the world.

MBBS in Azerbaijan is affirmed by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other significant worldwide bodies. The degree granted by the clinical colleges for finishing MBBS is perceived comprehensively.

The span of this course is 6 years. In the sixth year, there is a required entry level position for the students. The instruction framework and educational program for MBBS in Azerbaijan is as indicated by the universal measures. MBBS universities additionally set up the students for clearing the USMLE assessment.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Azerbaijan

  • Low education costs
  • All inclusive perceived degrees granted by clinical colleges in the wake of finishing MBBS
  • Straightforward confirmation methodology.
  • MBBS in Azerbaijan instructed in English.
  • Can show up for screening test like USMLE, MCI, PLAB, and so on in the wake of finishing MBBS in Azerbaijan.
  • A few colleges offer help to the students to clear the MCI screening test.
  • A sheltered nation as the crime percentage in Azerbaijan is exceptionally less when contrasted with different nations.
  • Minimal effort of living in Azerbaijan.
  • Universal presentation to the students who need to seek after MBBS in Azerbaijan.
  • No segregation among students based on religion, belief, race, sexual orientation, and so on.
  • A cordial domain in Azerbaijan.
  • Greater work open doors for graduates Azerbaijan.

Eligibility for MBBS Studies in Azerbaijan University

  • He or she must be between 17 years to 25 years
  • For affirmation in Azerbaijan Medical University, students must have studies biology, chemistry and physics during their 12th education.
  • Students must acquire at least 60% marks in order to get enrolled to MBBS in Azerbaijan.  
  • A student must have qualified NEET examination.
  • A valid passport and visa in vital

Best MBBS Universities in Azerbaijan

University Location
Azerbaijan state medical University Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku University Baku, Azerbaijan
Khazar medical University Baku, Azerbaijan
Oldar yurdu University Nərimanov raion, Azerbaijan
Qafqaz University Baku, Azerbaijan

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Fee Structure for MBBS studies in Azerbaijan

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to apply for MBBS in Azerbaijan University?

RiaOverseas assist you with accomplishing your fantasies. From the preparing of admissions to the grants, they help the students at every single point. They guarantee that the students get the most ideal grant as indicated by their NEET scores.

What is the yearly instructive cost for the program at Azerbaijan Medical University?

The cost at Azerbaijan Medical University varies depending upon the picked program and decisions: Only Baku, with or without a settlement, or Baku-USA Clinical practice.

What are the other appropriate charges?

Students will require around USD$300 PLUS other expenses in the principle year to cover understanding administrations and clinical tests.

Do costs consolidate books? What is the assessed cost for books per semester?

In the essential year at AMU, course readings are subbed with methodic flyers and notes gave by instructors. Students can copy from or acquire books from the library. Students should choose to purchase understanding material. They can measure to spend generally US$400 in the fundamental year.

Could costs be paid in EMI?

Charges must be secured yearly.

Where to access application structure?

You can download the enrolment structure from an administrator’s webpage or be sent to your email upon request. Students will in like manner need to consent to 2 arrangements.

When should this application structure be done?

The application structure must be done by mid-August for September utilization.

Will the student have to pay VISA costs concerning growth of stay when they lands in Azerbaijan?

This organization is associated with the group charges.

Are guardians allowed with the student on their first journey or visit the grounds?

TRC won’t have the choice to give visa requesting to guardians. TRC could help/admonish watchmen who land in Azerbaijan as explorers with finding transport and settlement to a detriment.

What about accomodation?

All settlement is granted to two distinct inhabitants. Comfort will change from housing to motel, from territory to zone. A couple of rooms are en suite. Students may stop referencing settlement to search for their own. Starting at now, various understudies rent private settlement.

What are the things students need to bring during their study tour?

Students have to bring a constrained amount of money and an overall Mastercard. Agreeable clothing for the winter and some light clothing for the pre-summer should be consolidated. Most understudies simply buy winter covers and shoes as these are continuously changed in accordance with the close by atmosphere.

Is it necessary for students to bring their laptop?

Students may bring their PC or laptop.

We RiaOverseas with years of expertise in this industry have helped number of students in their study abroad quest. Students who are willing to study MBBS in Azerbaijan can reach us for free consulting and to know all details about courses, visa, accommodation and other formalities.