MBBS in Philippines consists of medical theory, practical and clinical rotation for better exposure to the Indian students. The MBBS degrees in the Philippines are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

MBBS Universities in Philippines and medical colleges are today known for providing quality education in medicine like MBBS, MD etc. The higher level of practical sessions and highly trained and experienced teaching staff are the hallmarks of Philippines Medical colleges.

The infrastructure of the medical universities, the curriculum, and atmosphere of the Philippines medical colleges make it a preferred location for studying MBBS abroad. The total cost of getting MBBS admission in Philippines is much lower than in other countries.

Philippines MBBS and Duration of Course

MD should never be mistaken as a PG degree, but MD in Philippines is nothing but MBBS course, offering the bachelor degree in medicine, recognized as the bachelor degree across the globe.

MBBS in Philippines is divided into three parts-BS, MD and Internship and the total duration is of 6 years. BS is the foundation course and has been divided into four semesters and students can complete the course in 1.5 to 2 years. After completion of course, students shall have to appear in the NMAT Philippines test. This test is conducted by all medical schools, colleges and universities of Philippines. The candidates will have to pass the test to advance to 4 years MD course. After complete of this course, students will be appointed as internship in the local hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers. All students passed out from WHO Listed medical colleges of Philippines have to qualify MCI Screening Test.

International students who are opting to have an MBBS Program in Philippines at MCI approved Medical Universities in Philippines have to be clear about the education system in the Philippines. That will help them during study MBBS in Philippines. The following few things which Indian students have to take note of it:

  • Be clear about MBBS Syllabus in Philippines: The Philippines MBBS syllabus follows American pattern of syllabus. So, the students need to be clear about Russian MBBS syllabus. The MBBS degree in Philippines is M.D.
  • Make the full use of it: Know the exact content of Philippines MBBS syllabus first and then do the extensive study so that you can make the full use of it. Russian syllabus stresses more on practical aspect of the study.
  • English Teaching Medium: The teaching medium won’t be a problem because of MBBS in Philippines in English.

Why MBBS in Philippines?

  • A high-quality education in a relatively safe country
  • Low donation fee as compared to many other countries
  • Globally accepted the medical degree, so that students can practice in any part of the world.
  • The medical universities are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and WHO.
  • No language problem as the teaching medium is English
  • The students who have completed MD courses in Philippines have a 100% success rate, in the region under USMLE.
  • The cost of living is very low.

Meaning of MD Program in Philippines

  • The medical course in Philippines is the MD program-Doctor of medicine. This is equivalent to MBBS of India.
  • The degree includes the medical theory, practical and clinical rotation for better exposure.
  • The medical degrees obtained from Philippines have global recognition.
  • The infrastructure of the Philippines medical colleges is of high standards in terms of staff, equipment, and technology.

MBBS Fees in Philippines

To study medicine in Philippines, the MBBS in Philippines for Indian students fee structure is very affordable. The expenditure will be around approximately 20 lakhs. This is much cheaper than the private medical colleges in India; you can save 70% tuition fees.

MBBS in Philippines admission procedure is very simple and easy. The students can also take direct admission, subject to the concerned university’s conditions.

Lifestyle of MBBS Students in Philippines

  • Globally accepted MBBS degrees
  • The standard of medical education in Philippines for Indian students given by these medical universities in Philippines is on par with global standards.
  • The climate in Philippines is more or less similar to India. So, it is easy for the Indian students to adapt to the environment along with easy-going and very hospitable countrymen.
  • Philippines MBBS syllabus covers all aspects what are being offered across the globe.
  • The medical course in the Philippines is the MD (Doctor of Medicine) which can be rated at par with USA.
  • The medical colleges in Philippines, recognized by WHO have been approved from the Commission on Higher Education Philippines (CHED).
  • The eligible students should clear all three steps of USMLE to practice in the USA.
  • Top-notch facilities at an affordable cost making it one of the most popular options among Indian students.
  • Indian Food, specifically South and North Indian Food is available.

About Philippines:

Being an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, it consists of about 7,641 islands and is surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful and unique coral reefs. The Philippines has diverse cultural heritage, arts, traditions and spoken languages. The country has innumerable museums, wide historical and cultural evolution of its nation with churches, museums and galleries available throughout the Philippine Islands. Breathtaking beaches, natural harbor and the desired destination for surfing, snorkelling, and scuba diving make it attractive.