Myths And Misconceptions Associated With Study Abroad

Do you want to study abroad? Every student has the dream to study abroad because it is the get way to array of opportunities and new prospects. No doubt it can turn out to be a wonderful source of experience. Study abroad simply means moving out of your own country to a foreign country to obtain higher education. Of course, when any student is preparing for study abroad, he or she has to encounter a lot of insecurities that give rise to myths inherently. Whenever you’re preparing to go abroad, they need to analyze all aspects of the study abroad process and should utilize the resources available to you for studying abroad. In that situation a good study abroad consultant can provide you a lot of insights.

Definitely, going abroad for higher study is a temptation that most students possess. However, no student should blindly driven by that temptation, instead they should analyze the pros and cons study abroad process. There are many students who have reaped excellent benefits of studying abroad. If you have the desire and determination, then why should not you give it a try? It’s time to make your dream come true.

There are myths and misconceptions persist in the minds of people about study abroad which need to be got rid of:

  1. Abroad programs and degrees won’t be acceptable at home
    The degree and knowledge you earn from the study abroad program has equal importance as the degree in India. The students need to check on syllabus of every class and seek study abroad consultant’s advice that can be earned in authentic way. You should be assured of getting due credit for all your efforts abroad.
  2. Only rich people can afford study abroad
    Many people have misconception that studying abroad is costly affair and can only be afforded by rich people. There are some countries like Russia, Ukraine and Philippines where studying MBBS is cheaper than India. If you’re short of funds for abroad study, there is availability for study abroad loan or education loan and govt and private sponsored scholarships and fellowships. That can cover good portion of your study expenses.
  3. Studying abroad is not safe
    When students go abroad for study, they have to live in a different country, environment and culture. The people, language and activities may be different from the home- country. But, you need to realize they are all human being s like you. Of course, students need to be cautious, but to feel your life is at risk is foolishness. Then, study abroad offices counsel the students about the matters of safety and health beforehand.
  4. Graduate programs have long duration abroad as compared to India
    When it comes to abroad study, this is one of the biggest myths that many students encounter. Then, one shouldn’t be in dilemma that studying abroad may take more time than in India. It all depends on your performance and your learning ability.
  5. One should y opt for study abroad only after graduation
    There are countries like Russia, China and USA whose education system is much more developed and robust as compared to India. They offer world-class study abroad programs, educational infrastructure and facilities, practical based learning and job opportunities as compared to India. So, one can opt for study abroad before graduation.

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