Vitebsk State Medical University

Vitebsk State Medical University was established in the year 1934 and is known as the most eminent medical universities in whole of Belarus. Vitebsk State Medical University is acknowledged for offering training to numerous medical aspirants for the Public Health Services which has made Vitebsk State Medical University gain merits and success.

The History of VSMU

Vitebsk State Medical Institute was established as a hospital-medical institute in November 1, 1934 by Resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the BSSR. The total number of students on all courses was 250.

MD, Professor Moisei Anisimovich Khazanov, a graduate of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bern (Switzerland) was appointed as the first Rector of the Institute. 12 Professors, wellknown in the USSR and abroad medical scientists, started to work with him: Professor Pavel Markovich Gurevich, a graduate of the University of Strasbourg (Alsace – France), became the first dean. In 1938 a hospital-medical institute was renamed into Vitebsk Medical Institute.

Until 1941 seven turn-outs of physicians was carried out. The Great Patriotic War stalled the development of the Institute for many years. At the beginning of the war the Institute was evacuated to Chelyabinsk, and then in 1943 – to Yaroslavl. Subsequently, Yaroslavl Medical Institute was established on the basis of Vitebsk Medical Institute. In 1944 a part of the Institute staff returned to Minsk and participated in the reconstruction of Minsk Medical Institute. And only in 1946 the Institute returned to its native Vitebsk region. From 1946 to 1950 the Institute was headed by Anisim Ivanovich Savchenko, Deputy Minister of Health of the Byelorussian SSR. In 1948 the student scientific society was created.


» Accounting

» Archives

» Athletic Club of VSMU

» Attestation subcommittee

» Center for Transfer of Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies

» Clinical and Pharmaceutical Department

» Curriculum and Instruction Department

» Department of Clinical residency and Internship

» Department of distance learning

» Department of graduate and doctoral studies

» Department of International Relations with the Academic Mobility Sector of the VSMU

» Department of pedagogical work with the young

» Department of technical educational means

» Labor Protection & Safety Sector


Yearly Expenses

Tuition Fee Hostel Fee Medical Insurance Visa Extension Medical Checkup
US$ 4800/Year US$ 400/Year US$ 210/Year US$ 150/Year US$ 70/Year

Yearly Expense = US$ 5630

One-time admission fee at the time of the admission=US$ 2180

Processing fee Rs. 2.5 Lak which includes :

1) Generation of admission from university.

2) Visa stamping in Delhi.

3) Documents translation and attestation from ministry.

4) Visa

5) Air ticket.

6) Airport assistance, breakfast, immigration clearance.

7) Medical checkup.

8) Police registration.

9) Local guardianship & mentoring throughout education.