University of Latvia

College of Latvia is a state-run college situated in Riga, Latvia laid out in 1919. The College of Latvia, at first named as the Higher School of Latvia (Latvian: Latvijas Augstskola) was established on September 28, 1919, based on the previous Riga Polytechnic (established in 1862).

Scientist Paul Walden of the college was the first sector. In 1923, the school accepted its ongoing name with the endorsement of its constitution, the College of Latvia (Universitas Latviensis).

In the period somewhere in the range of 1919 and 1940, the College of Latvia was the fundamental focus of advanced education, science and culture in the Republic of Latvia. The previous structure of the Riga Polytechnic on Raiņa bulvāris 19 fills in as the college’s principal building.

The College of Latvia offers undergrad, graduate, and doctoral degrees of study and in October 2014 a bigger number of than 14,000 students, including Ph.D. furthermore, students from abroad, had signed up for different review programs. Close to 33% of them concentrated on in business and financial matters related programs.

Latvia, arranged in North-Eastern Europe along the Baltic Ocean, borders Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania. It turned into an individual from the European Association in 2004 after it joined NATO. The nation has seen enormous development from its initial socialist days. Almost one out of three of Latvia’s 2,000,000 individuals live in Riga, the nation’s capital. Furthermore, the nation has the quickest web speeds all around the world at 13.9 Mbps by and large. The rich Latvian culture is an impulse to visit this country for your MBBS degree. Most people collaborate in English with an astounding mix of various tongues.

In a few European nations, educational expenses are high, while in others, it is modest. Latvia, luckily, falls in the subsequent class. You will accept your European MBBS degree at the least conceivable expense assuming that you concentrate on in this country. Besides, you needn’t bother with an enormous score at the higher optional level to enter a Lativian College. An essential score of around 60% is sufficient to give you confirmation. Latvia is notable for its pluralistic culture and agreeable Visa strategies.

MBBS Term in Latvia

The term of a MBBS degree in Latvia is 5 years. In any case, the complete time for learning is five years and one year of temporary position. Thus, you will have sufficient opportunity to get ready and complete your MBBS degree according to plan.

Medium of Education

The medium of education in MBBS college schools in Latvia is English. In this way, Indian students will not have an issue concentrating on in the MBBS colleges of Latvia.


Admission to Latvian colleges starts in May. It is the equivalent when you need to present your application to the College. After starting security, the specialists will send you their response. Thus, the whole cycle requires around 8-10 weeks. You will join the course from September/October.

Qualification Measures

You ought to know each qualification measures prior to applying for a MBBS course in Latvia. That is the reason to observe the underneath referenced focuses:

  • First and foremost, all candidates probably finished 17 years old during admission to a MBBS course in Latvia.
  • The student must have competed 12th with PCB aggregate 60% (55% also considerable) from a reputed institution.
  • You probably concentrated on Material science, Science, and Science as chief subjects during your Higher Auxiliary assessment.
  • It might be ideal assuming you got something like half checks in Material science, Science, and Science with an extra half percent in total.
  • Notwithstanding, on account of SC/ST/OBC applicants, the base rate necessity is 40.
  • It is obviously that you should deliver every one of the applicable records to the specialists at confirmation.

Documents Needed

Here is the rundown of archives you should apply for a MBBS in Latvia.

  • You should present the imprint sheets and testaments of your Group tenth and Class twelfth assessments to apply for a MBBS in Latvia.
  • You will likewise have to present your movement testament, concede card, and self-verified duplicates of archives for admission to MBBS in Latvia.
  • You should convey a legitimate identification and student Visa for concentrating on MBBS in Latvia.
  • The visa has a legitimacy of a long time from the date of issue stepped by the Service of Outer Undertakings.
  • You should submit insights regarding your parent’s monetary status and show the course charges paid.
  • You will likewise have to submit different archives requested by the Outside Undertakings Service from Latvia or the College.
  • You will likewise have to present a non-criminal endorsement by the police.

Admission System

Allow us now to really take a look at the confirmation strategy for applying to a MBBS college in Latvia.

  • You should browse one of Latvia’s high-positioned colleges to seek after your MBBS study.
  • No Entrance exam, interview is mandatory via Skype (10 to 15 min). Two biology basic question ( cell theory, Genetics) and chemistry (fat, Carbohydrates, Protein synthesis)
  • Interview based on personal development or motivation about study medicine.
  • Then, you should present an itemized internet based application structure to that College by signing into their particular site.
  • You will pay the necessary charges once you get the particular College’s endorsement letter.
  • From that point onward, you should apply for an student visa to study and remain in Latvia.
  • You should sort out for flight tickets subsequent to accepting your visa from the Latvian specialists.
  • Check every one of the necessary archives you want to convey during your concentrate abroad in Latvia.
  • Whenever you are finished with every one of the conventions, you are prepared to travel to Latvia and complete your MBBS course from this astounding country.
  • Application start from Jan 1st ends on April 29 for international students who need visa classes start from August 1st
  • 100% guaranteed visa success no interview in embassy.
  • One time application fee 375 Euros. One time seat reservation fee 650 Euros apart from fee in 1st year only.

Cost of MBBS in Latvia

The expense of concentrating on MBBS in Latvia is approx 10,000 euros per year. Latvia is well known among Indian students as the MBBS course is exceptionally reasonable contrasted with different countries.

Duration of University of Latvia Course MD in General Medicine

The duration of University of Latvia course MD in general medicine is 6 years.


The MBBS Course in the University of Latvia is affiliated to NMC, WHO and ECFMGE.

Accommodation Cost

Food and accommodation and living cost about 350 Euros every month

Why Study MBBS from Latvia?

Many elements impact your choice to concentrate on in an outside country. While picking a MBBS College, you should gauge the upsides and downsides of concentrating abroad.

Latvia is a little yet incredibly articulate country. It has a proficiency pace of 92% that shows the significance of schooling in the country. The scholarly courses incorporate a decent blend of hypothesis and reasonable illustrations. Global students are very happy with working, examining, and living in Latvia. A different elements impact an student’s choice to concentrate on MBBS in Latvia.

A Lativian MBBS degree isn’t extremely high on the pocket. That is the reason there is a developing deluge of global students. It is truly reasonable contrasted with other Focal and West European countries. A large portion of the nation communicates in Russian and English easily. You will be astonished by the great English articulation among local people. In this way, MBBS students won’t confront any language hindrances while speaking with the students.