University Of Bari Aldo Moro

Bari is the capital of the Italian area of Puglia and the focal point of the city of Bari. An ideal spot for your medical examinations in Italy, the understudy city of in excess of 326,000 occupants, is perhaps of the main port and school urban communities on the Adriatic and has for quite some time been viewed as an insider tip for some voyagers.

As with such countless urban communities in Italy, the long history adds to Bari’s novel appeal: Centuries of occupation, including by Arabs and Normans, have added to the improvement of uncommonly different engineering.

With around 60,000 students, it is a youthful, dynamic city with an exuberant grounds and nightlife. The cost for most everyday items is essentially less expensive than numerous other Italian cities. The weather conditions are warm and bright for quite a long time. There is no deficiency of activities given the many sea shores and trip choices – also the superb southern Italian cooking you can appreciate everywhere here. Assuming that you concentrate on medication here, you will appreciate unadulterated joie de vivre simultaneously.

The University Of Bari Aldo Moro Medical School

The esteemed medical school of the University of Bari was established in 1924 alongside the Faculty of Pharmacology and the Faculty of Law. The University’s vision for medical examinations in Bari is dependably to give greatness in imaginative schooling, great consideration, and biomedical exploration – all in a Mediterranean climate.

The course is like the standard Italian medical educational program in Bari. Showing will comprise of talks, patient exhibitions, medical abilities, classes, distance learning, self-review, and exceptional meetings with unfamiliar educators having a place with a Network for Excellence in Medical Education. The strength of BEMC depends on little classes, all courses showed in English, a brilliant blend of hypothesis and practice, a worldwide climate, and a worldwide grounds organization.

As well as instructing, a significant focal point of the Faculty is logical exploration. Bari’s exploration focuses on medical investigations are profoundly intuitive and very much associated with different offices, colleges, and examination focuses.

University Of Bari Aldo Moro Course Structure

First-year Courses

  • Chemistry and Introductory Biochemistry 
  • Medical Physics and Informatic 
  • Biology and Genetics 
  • Human Sciences 
  • Human Histology and Embryology I
  • Human Histology and Embryology II
  • Biochemistry  I
  • Basic Medical Scientific Methodology
  • Human Anatomy I
  • ADE (Option chosen by Student)

Second-year Courses

  • Biochemistry II
  • Human Anatomy II
  • Microbiology and Parasitology 
  • Scientific English
  • Human Anatomy 
  • Human Physiology ı
  • Pathology and Immunology I
  • ADE (Option chosen by Student)

Third-year Courses

  • Human Physiology 
  • Pathology and Immunology 
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Medical-Surgical Methodology and Physical Findings I
  • Medical Statistics 
  • Anatomy-Pathology I
  • Medical-Surgical Methodology and Physical Findings II
  • Medical-Surgical Specialties 
  • ADE (Option chosen by Student)

Fourth-year Courses

  • Anatomy-Pathology 
  • Medical-Surgical Specialties II
  • Medical-Surgical Specialties III
  • ADE (Option chosen by Student) 
  • Medical-Surgical Specialties IV
  • Medical-Surgical Specialties – Sense Organs
  • Medical-Surgical Specialties V
  • Scientific English 
  • ADE (Option chosen by Students)

Fifth-year Courses

  • Pharmacology I
  • Diagnostics by Imaging and Radiotherapy 
  • Neurological Sciences 
  • Medical Psychiatry and Psychology 
  • Hygiene 
  • ADE (Option chosen by Student)
  • Pharmacology 
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics 
  • General and Specialist Pediatrics
  • Occupational Medicine 
  • Legal medicine 
  • ADE (Option chosen by Student) 

Sixty-year Courses

  • Medical Medicine, Genetics and Geriatrics 
  • Medical Surgery 
  • Medical-Surgical Emergencies 
  • Preparation of Thesis I
  • ADE (Option chosen by Student)
  • The semestral course of Medical-Surgical Training 
  • Preparation of Thesis II
  • 2 Scientific English