Nursing Job Career in Austria

Nursing Job Career in Austria is safe and sustainable for the registered nurses of India. It features continuous work experience, periodic renewal, the security that comes from employability, and a harmonious fit with your skills, interests and values. If you have completed your nursing education in Austria or have a diploma from abroad which is recognized in Austria, you can knock the door of your bright future of nursing profession in Austria. Qualified Nurses from non-EU countries can apply for a Red-White-Red Card. According to the WIFO (Austria Institute of Economic Research), there will be the shortage of nursing staff in Austria by 2030. The authorities of Health Industry are working strategically to make the Nursing Profession demanding and in line with the need of the healthcare industry. In view of their present and future requirements of nurses, Austria is also paying attention to attract nurses from abroad. Bachelor Degree is the highest level of education for nursing job in Austria.

The most common places of Austria where large number of opportunities for nursing job can be expected are;

Vienne (Capital City), Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, Villach, Klagenfurt, Salzburg etc.

Nursing Job Career in Austria: Types of Job

Full Time Job

Part Time Job

Temporary Job

Night Shift

Day Shift

Internship Job

Healthcare Job

Nursing Job Career in Austria: Salary

The average salary for a registered nurse in Austria ranges between €45,817 and €80,000 per year.

However, registered nurses will earn more money by the virtue of their experience as per the strategy of health industry. The annual national salary increase in Austria for a nurse is 6% of total salary.

Rewards in terms of bonus and promotion to the nurses for efficient work and proper service provider are also a part of the strategic plan of the health industry in Austria. The bonus of a nurse in Austria ranges from 0 to 3% of a nurse’s total salary.

Basic Requirements to apply for Nursing Job in Austria

Birth Certificate

Tabular CV

Minimum age- 17 years

Diploma in nursing (must be acquired either in Austria or recognized by Austria)

Medical Certificate as an evidence of health suitability

Evidence of Trustworthiness from police certificate

Knowledge of German Language Level B2 or higher

Why Nursing Job Career in Austria?

High Employability

Easy to get Residence Permit

Good Salary

Flexible Working Hours

Flexibility for Life and Family

Job security

Social Security

Good Health Insurance

Sick Leave

Number of Paid Holidays is high (25 days per year)

Maternity/ Parental Leave

In Austria nurses are called as:

Krankenschwester (female nurse)

Krankenpfleger (male nurse)

Nursing Job Career in Austria: Highlights at a Glance

VISA to Work in Austria

Non-EU citizens must have to apply for a residence permit called RWD card.

One can apply for this RWD card, only after the nostrification of one’s diploma or degree and one must have a job offer from the employer.

Required Language Skills

To pursue nursing job in Austria one has to acquire B1 or B2 level German Language proficiency.

Age Limitation

There is no age limitation to apply for nursing job in Austria. As long as you are able to provide proper services as per the requirement of heath sectors, you are allowed to utilize the scope of your professional activities.

Place to Work

Various hospitals, homes for elderly care, clinics etc.

RED-WHITE-RED CARD (Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte)

To be a qualified worker and citizen of Austria, you need the Red-White-Red Card. Your family also can apply for this card. Its validity is for 1 year.

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