Medical University of Pleven

Medical University of Pleven is one of the 4th recognized MBBS universities in Bulgaria. This medical university was established in 1974, intending to extend the skylines, size and notoriety of the City Hospital, established in 1865.

Today, consolidating customs of the past with the current prospects, it fuses instructive and remedial offices, contemporary pre-clinical base, University Hospital with in excess of 1000 beds and centers in all significant clinical fields, just as an enormous number of specific facilities and examination units with present day demonstrative and restorative hardware. These are effectively used to treat patients, train students, doctors, post-graduates just as for research work.

In 1997 the college added English as the language for Medicine program in Bulgaria intended for global students. At present, Medical University Pleven has 4081 Bulgarian and 582 international students from 45 nations, and has around 750 students per year, of which half are Bulgarians and the rest outsiders, 50-60% of whom are from India. Since Bulgaria’s rising to the European Union in 2007, most global students start from other EU part states.

The guidance courses in the college are done in 2 faculties and one college:

  • Medicine faculty with the claim to fame of Medicine
  • Public Health faculty with the accompanying specialties
    • Health Care Management
    • Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy on Medicine
    • Management of Health
    • Nursing & Midwifery

Medical College Pleven with the accompanying specialties:

  • Clinical Laboratory Assistant
  • Radiology Laboratory Assistant
  • Social Worker

At, Medical University of Pleven – students not needed to live in lodgings and may go into private convenience in the event that they wish. Foodings are given at the students at an affordable price.

The sports department at the University empowers the students to have normal actual preparing in various game disciplines. There is an indoor multipurpose games community, volleyball, basketball fields and tennis courts.

The students can openly unite students associations and social orders. International students can set up their own public, ethnic and strict networks the working of which must be in consistence with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. As indicated by their inclinations and individual abilities, students can become individuals from various logical circles, culture and sports clubs.

As per the standards of non-separation the University doesn’t have any unique mentality to students in association with their identity, gender, age, religion, ethnic and political affiliations, monetary and wellbeing status.

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