Poland as member of European Union with a long teaching history of Medical Education. Polish Universities are offering world class Medical education in English Language with global recolonization. Ria Overseas takes an opportunity to introduce Medical University of Bialystok .

“The university has an ultra-modern scientific-didactic base, which includes: a modern University Clinical Hospital, Euro-regional Pharmacy Center, Didactic and Scientific Center of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Clinical Research Center, Experimental Medicine Center, Innovation Research Center, Bioinformatics Center and Data Analysis, Molecular Imaging Laboratory and Medical Simulation Center.”


• Long tradition of teaching since 1950

• Over 5000 medical students. More than 3000 graduates working world wide

• Long experience of teaching medicine in English

• Practical training in large and constantly modernized clinical hospital

• Student exchange with partner universities within the European Union

• Well located and green student campus

• Possibility to join various research projects

• Direct Admission No Entrance Exam

• Flexible and Easy Application Procedure

Tution fees for 6 year M.D. Course

MD Program

• Enrollment fee of €500, payable to the university’s account before the interview. Note: Enrollment fees are charged from all candidates who pass the first step of evaluate on and receive a promissory leer of Enrollment. the fee is non-refundable and must be paid before the interview.

• Mandatory pre-course for students in their 1st year of Medical Studies, which takes place in September and the fee is €450 (€350 if held online). Pre-course is mandatory for all first-year students. It starts at the beginning of September and cones for three weeks. Updates and pre-course dates and mess will be updated to students aver admission confirmand.

Tution Fee Per Year of Study (in Euros/€):

• 1st Year of Medical Studies: €11,500
• 2nd Year of Medical Studies: €11,500
• 3rd Year of Medical Studies: €11,500
• 4th Year of Medical Studies: €11,500
• 5th Year of Medical Studies: €11,500
• 6th Year of Medical Studies: €11,500


Become an International Medical Doctor; Gain International exposure;

The high quality of Polish Education: Did you know that the first full face transplant in the USA was done by a team of surgeons lead by a Polish doctor, Maria Siemionow who graduated from Medical University in Poland?

Career: Practice all over the world. Doctors in Poland can also run their own private practice/clinics.

Financial: Affordable Cost, Low Tuition fee and living.

“ Poland is one of the most preferred destinations for medicine education in Europe and gaining lots of popularity day by day because of its high-quality education and flexible recruitment process. ”