Medical University of Athens, Greece

Medical University of Athens, Greece

The Medical University of Athens has been working beginning around 1837 and has had a functioning presence in the occasions of the nation and universally.

The Medical University of Athens opens another page in its set of experiences, establishing its first English-language undergrad program. The program that the unfamiliar students will join in, will be by and large equivalent to the one followed by the Greek students. This is actually the scholar and exploration work that has driven the Medical University of Athens among the initial 150 clinical schools universally. Simultaneously, from information gathered through the Alumni Network of the Medical School, its alumni who are searching for work abroad track down a 100 percent position.

The degree got from the Medical University of Athens requires the participation of something like 12 showing semesters, of which the initial five incorporate pre-clinical courses and activities, the following four clinical courses and works out, and the last three concern the entire day clinical preparation in the super clinical strengths. Altogether, the program has 48 mandatory courses and 12 electives. Unfamiliar students should finish an aggregate of 360 credits of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

“The School of Medicine is at present positioned among the main 150 clinical schools on the planet, and truth be told in a preferred situation over 2/3 of the American clinical schools. The logical exhibition of the last years is mostly because of the great nature of the logical distributions of the instructing research staff of the Medical School.

The Medical University of Athens has accomplished vital differentiations in six of the main global college rankings. The college facilities cover 40% of the clinical work of the general wellbeing framework (NSS) in Attica (5,000,000), which ensures amazing clinical training. Additionally, in numerous global examination programs, the employees of Medicine partake, while their distributions in worldwide logical diaries have a high file of repercussions and numerous heterogeneous references.

Today, the University has six divisions and is the accompanying: Basic Medical Sciences, Pathology, Clinical Laboratory, Surgery, Maternal-Child Health, Social Medicine – Psychiatry and Neurology, while there are 18 Rare Expertise Centers.

2022 Rankings Medical University of Athens

Here below is the 2022 rankings Medical University of Athens:

  • 1056 in Best Global Universities (tie)
  • 651-700 QS World University Rankings
  • 413 in Best Global Universities in Europe (tie)
  • 9 in Best Global Universities in Greece
  • Status – Public
  • Research Output – Very High
  • Understudy/Faculty Ratio – 31
  • Global Students – 6,228
  • Absolute Faculty – 2,164
  • Worldwide score – 4

Span Of Study And Tuition Fees:

The span of study for medication at the Medical University of Athens is 6 years and the educational cost is 13,000 Euros each year paid in two portions.

Selection Test Requirements:

The candidates wishing to obtain a degree in Medicine should effectively breeze through their permission various decision assessments in Chemistry and Biology, for which we completely plan students to guarantee 100 percent achievement.

Essential Service Offered by Medical University of Athens

  • The Medical University of Athens offer scholastic directing.
  • They do all the application readiness, nostrification, interpretations, and give you reports on the interaction.
  • This university furnishes you with a full arrangement of clinical digital books for the whole length of your examinations.
  • This MBBS University offer scholastic advising.
  • This MBBS university Athens offer a 60-hour, online preliminary course with Medical Terminology, Biology, and, Chemistry for the selection test.
  • The university offers airport arrival pick-up and help you in tracking down convenience.
  • The Medical University of Athens help you with the home grant, assist you with opening a ledger and obtain a neighborhood cell number.
  • This medical university gives you the clinical digital books required for the subjects in the educational plan of Medicine or Dentistry.
  • The university promises you a spot or your cashback in full.
  • Students who require a visa: The University help you with the desk work to accelerate the cycle.