jalalabad state medical university

Jalalabad State Medical University


Jalalabad State Medical University is a Public University in Kyrgyzstan. It was incorporated in the year 1993. The university provides higher education in the fields of medicine, engineering, electronics, agro-industry, and energy.

General medicine is the major faculty of this university. To cope with the advanced medical studies and offer high-quality education, the university continues to update and upgrade.

The faculties that form part of this university include

  1. Faculty of medicine
  2. Kara-Kul Technical Faculty
  3. Zoological Veterinary Technical School
  4. Tash Kemur Technological Faculty
  5. Technological Faculty
  6. Kockkor-Ata Electronic Technical College
  7. Mayluu-Suu Electro-Mechanical College
  8. Business and Pedagogical Faculty
  9. Although the university has expanded its branches of study, the ultimate objective is providing quality medicine and creates top-notch doctors.

The university has enrolled more than 4500 students for the medical program. Among which it has a sizeable number of Indian Students. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is one of the preferred study abroad destinations for Indian students.


Jalal Abad State University is the merger of the Zoological Veterinary School and Jalal Abad Pedagological School. The main campus with medical faculty is located in Jalalabad. Other campuses are located in the outskirts of the city.


The university offers different levels of medical programs for both local and international students. The courses include

  1. General Medicine, MBBS degree, which is a 6 years medical program.
  2. Nursing Course
  3. Pedagogy
  4. Psychology
  5. Physical Education
  6. Biology

Other than these there are many non-medical courses offered. The level of degree for all courses are classified into Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, Masters Degree, and Doctoral Degree.

Admission Procedure

The university enrolls students from all backgrounds and countries, without any objections.

  • Eligibility criteria include a pass in the school education in 10+2 pattern, with a minimum score of 50 % in aggregate in the major subjects as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Students should have scored a minimum of 50% marks in each of the main subjects, PCB respectively.
  • Students shall provide all certificates that authenticate their qualification while sending an application for admission. It includes mark sheets, school leaving certificate, etc.

Highlights of the Medical College

  • The course is offered in English medium. There is no requirement to study the local language as a part of this medical curriculum. It is easy to become a part of the medical course for international and Indian students.
  • After completion of MBBS in Jalalabad State Medical University, students can opt to study a postgraduate program in the same university.
  • Many hospitals have affiliation with the university. Jalalabad City Hospital and Jalalabad Provincial Hospital are the main part of the MBBS program. Students get the clinical classes and training program share a fair part of practice from these medical centers.
  • Students get great exposure and immense experience in diagnosing cases as part of the training.
  • Cost of MBBS is very low.