international school of medicine kyrgyz

International School of Medicine


The International School of Medicine is the part of the International University of Kyrgyzstan. It is established by the Kyrgyz Republic with an objective to provide high-quality medical education. As indicated by the name, it offers medical courses to both local and international students.

The International University of Kyrgyzstan was founded in the year 1993. ISM is an extended branch of this university, founded in the year 2003. The university has many special features, feathered in the cap.

International School of Medicine Kyrgyzstan is the only medical college in the Republic which offers 5 years medical course, approved and recognized worldwide.

The five-year medical program is a rare scenario. It has approval and recognition from the World Health Organization, Medical Council of India, IMED and FAIMER. Indian students who study MBBS in ISM can appear in the screening exam conducted by MCI directly.

As a part of reforming education in Kyrgyzstan, ISM was established. General medicine is the major faculty of the ISM. It has multiple branches and offers numerous medical courses to the local and foreign students.


International School of Medicine University campus is located in the city of Bishkek.


The International School of Medicine offers the graduate degree as M.D Physician, which equivalent to MBBS. Indian students who pursue this medical program in ISM can get the MBBS degree in 5 years.

Post Graduate study is also offered to both local and international students. The elective subjects include surgery, infectious diseases, therapeutics, gynecology, pediatrics, etc. Duration of the postgraduate program range from 2 to 3 years. In addition, there are few non-clinical programs also offered by this university.

There are additional short term courses offered by the university. Students can enroll in these courses and get specialization in varied subjects.

Admission Procedure

Admission to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, International School of Medicine is very straightforward. With all requisite documents, application form and fee, the students can apply for MBBS in ISM.

  • Completion of higher secondary school or intermediate education, which is equivalent to secondary education.
  • 50 % minimum marks, in the science stream.
  • Proof of paying capacity.
  • Medical examination certificate

Deadline for enrollment of international students is from September to February every year.

Highlights of the Medical College

  • The International School of Medicine, Kyrgyzstan offers a compact structure of the study, blended with innovative technologies.
  • Technical, technologies and administrative services from ISM give students with advanced teaching and training facilities.
  • Sufficient library resources, thousands of books, digital sources, satellite technologies, video and audio learning sources extends advanced knowledge to the medical students.
  • ISM offers its own transport facilities for all students on the campus. Traveling around the city I easy for the students.
  • The internship is not a part of the program. Students from India shall apply for an internship after completion of the degree in India to complete MBBS.