Duy Tan University Vietnam

Duy Tan University is a leading University in Da Nang, Vietnam. The name gets from the Modernization Development, or phong trào Duy Tân, of 1906-1908. DTU was laid out on 11 November 1994, under Choice No 666/TTg, endorsed by the Head of the state of Vietnam. DTU offers scholarly projects that incorporate an alumni long term graduate degree, an undergrad four to long term four year certification, a Lesser Specialized School long term Partner four year University education and Optional Expert and Professional Training long term confirmations.


Duy Tan University’s mission is to zero in on the schooling and exploration of different sciences and advancements to deliver dynamic, imaginative, solid alumni, who love their nation, have compassionate Vietnamese qualities, a feeling of local area, self-assurance and a wide scope of capacities and abilities, to become Residents of the World.


Duy Tan University offers a large number of scholarly projects. This University is presumed in medication concentrates on all through the world. The medicine faculty was established in 2009, providing the primary four year University education programs in Nursing in Danang. Along with the Workforce of Pharmacology, these two divisions are supposed to converge to frame the primary clinical school in Danang.


Duy Tan University is one of the top confidential Universitys in Da Nang, Vietnam. It is positioned #801-1000 in QS World University Rankings 2023.

The Faculty of Nursing

In 2009, the Service of Schooling and Preparing approved DTU to offer a University level Single guy of nursing degree as a feature of the Personnel of Medication and Drug store. As enlistment expanded, the Workforce of Nursing was separated in November 2013 and started to offer General Nursing major. Up to now, the workforce has graduated 1,000 unhitched males of General Nursing and many currently stand firm on significant footholds in clinical offices in Danang and somewhere else.

The Personnel of Nursing has assembled an expert group of instructors with numerous long stretches of involvement, along with exceptional preparation rooms and present day gear, to give the best review and workplace. DTU additionally teams up with the University of Illinois in Chicago to share their educational plans and experienced attendants are welcomed from Europe as visiting teachers, to give Nursing students admittance to the world’s most progressive preparation techniques and projects.

Benefits of Studying in Duy Tan University

DTU has been offering Wellbeing Science programs throughout the course of recent years, and is presently perceived for its ability in teaching proficient medical care laborers to attempt to fulfill the developing requirements of the Focal locale.

Wellbeing Science majors at DTU include:

  • General Expert
  • Odonto-Stomatology
  • Pharmacology
  • General Nursing

DTU has put resources into 18 present day Nursing, Medication and Pharmacology labs for examination into physiology and immunology, embryology, medication creation, testing, science and drug store practice, modern drug store and others. They are the Organic chemistry, Histology, Microbial science, Physiology-resistant and Nursing research facilities, which all satisfy the fundamental security guidelines and are outfitted with the most developed hardware.

Students can likewise rehearse on virtual patients in the MedSim Center, which is being based on the Hoa Khanh Nam grounds at an expense of 200 billion dong.

Expanding Oversea Opportunities for Teachers and Students

DTU works with unfamiliar accomplices to widen open doors for speakers and students. Numerous DTU Nursing instructors and students have made a trip to Japan, Taiwan, and Sweden for studies, including Graduate degrees.